White Shield Costuming Workshop 2014

October 18th, 2014

Written by: Jack L. Vaught

Sachem Little Tiny Horse

On Sept. 27, 2014, The White Shield Dance Team held its sixth-annual White Coup Costuming Workshop. New Braves and veteran Tribesmen were encouraged to attend, were they were given instruction and guidance on costume construction. White Coup Society members of the White Shield Dance Team and its leaders provided help on costume building from knee bells and headbands to more complex items like beading and hair roach construction.

Over 50 boys and adults attended the workshop.

The White Shield Dance Team’s Sixth annual recognition banquet followed, where boys and adults were recognized for their participation and support of the 2013-2014 dance season. All Tribesmen under the age of 21 in attendance won several door prizes donated by members of the Lone Bear Council. Prizes ranged from camping gear to costume supplies.

Most notable in the awards was the recognition of our Most Active Tribesmen, where an unprecedented three first-place awards were given out.

The recipients were (from left to right)

3rd Place: Devon Moyer, Brave Wings In Sky, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

2nd Place: Brandon Cessna, Firebuilder Small Roaring Silver Bird, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri (represented by his Mic-O-Say advisor, Rick Mohr)

1st Place: Joshua Orr, Brave Least Twisted Song, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

1st Place: Jacob Orr, Tom-Tom Beater Little Twisted Song, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

1st Place: Max Gruschka, Firebuilder Iron Dog, Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri

The Most Active Unit award was also given and in its sixth consecutive win, it was awarded to the Tribesmen of Troop 360 in Kearney, Missouri, Rick Mohr, Mic-O-Say Advisor.


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