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The Dog Soldier Endowment Fund

The Dog Soldier Endowment Fund is a permanent fund which grows through annual gifts from Tribesmen. Each year the resources of the Fund are made available to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say to help defray operating costs. The principal will be held in trust for long range plans. A cash gift of whatever size, will be one tangible way of saying Mic-O-Say has meant much to me and I want to help others have the same chance in years ahead. One gift could not do much, but many together can really make a difference.

Tribesman who contribute $25 or more to the Mic-O-Say Endowment Fund will be designated as members of the Dog Soldier Clan and will have their name recorded in the role of honor as protectors of the Tribe. Dog Soldiers will receive a special certificate and will be permitted to wear a Dog Soldier ribbon with their Tribal costume. In addition, those Tribesmen who make single or cumulative contributions at higher levels will also be recognized.


Many times it has been said that the Tribe of Mic-O-Say thrives because of the countless hours of many individuals. From the Tribe’s ceremonies and special events to the building of facilities and fundraising, the Mic-O-Say experience for all is made possible by the diverse talents of its membership.

Now, whether you are a Brave or a Chieftain, YOU have an opportunity to be one of those individuals who are willing to go the extra mile. You may have an opportunity to learn about some of the inner workings of Mic-O-Say and have a lot of FUN at the same time.

Simply complete the form below and tell us what capacity you would like to volunteer.

By serving your Tribe in this manner, you will be giving to those future Tribesmen who follow in your footsteps.
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