Venture Quest 2013

September 21st, 2013

By Nathaniel Curry and Chris Crofoot
Runner Smaller Ivory Buttons and Tom-Tom Beater Starry Trail

Camping is nothing new to Boy Scouts, but most Scouts haven’t been on an adventure like the Scouts who participated in this year’s Venture Quest, a high adventure event for Venture Scouts. Entering the second year for the program, Scouts from the Pony Express Council and beyond met at Camp Geiger for a week of camping unlike any other. The Scouts led by Larry Grantham, spent two nights on the Geiger Reservation and then journeyed south to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for three nights.  They stayed in air-conditioned cabins that were provided by C&J Sports.

A total of 25 participants and 15 staff, most of them Camp Geiger staff, went on this adventure. With programs like Open Water Certification, mountain biking, shooting sports, wilderness first aid, and cooking, these Scouts and Venture Scouts kept busy having fun and trying new things. 

Participants in the mountain biking activity learned the basics at Camp Geiger, and then they went to ride specific trails down in Arkansas.  Two of the treks were four-mile trails the first day, and then they rode a nine-mile trail the second day.  Members of the cooking class prepared the meals, and all of the activities took their lunches with them in order to spend more time having fun.

“My favorite part was going to the beach after every day.  It was a great, relaxing, bonding experience,” staff member Andrew Becker said. “What I got most out of the program was I had to push myself a little more physically and mentally.”

Organizers have already started laying the groundwork for next year’s Venture Quest. For more information, look for Larry Grantham at upcoming tribal events or check back on the Mic-O-Say website in the future. This is truly an experience that you won’t want to miss!