Tribal Council Adopts New Advancement Policy

April 30th, 2013

The Tribal Council has announced that each individual Tribesman will now be responsible for the outcome of his own advancement! 

Okay, it’s not REALLY a new policy.  It is the same policy by which we have always decided advancements.  But it is, nonetheless, just as true today as it has ever been.  Each Tribesman should know the requirements for his next advancement, and those requirements are to be completed PRIOR to arriving for his Summer camping session.

Here is a quick general checklist for Advancement 101:

  • Advance in Scout Rank (see individual ranks below for specific details)
  • Be active in your local Scouting Unit
  • Be a leader
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Construct a costume, complete with all items required for your rank or paint station

The good news is, well over 90% of Braves, Warriors, Firebuilders, and Tom-Tom Beaters that return to camp, DO advance.   They advance, because they each take on the personal responsibility to complete the requirements.  Does that sound a lot like advancement in Scout Rank?  Good, it should!

NEWS FLASH: The Tribal Council WANTS you to advance.  It is YOUR responsibility to complete all requirements.  There are many people willing to assist you.  Your Scoutmaster and other troop leaders, your parents, fellow scouts, fellow Tribesmen, the list goes on and on!

Below, are listed many of the common obstacles to advancement, specific to each rank and paint station.  A complete list of advancement requirements may be found in the Red Book.


  • BE A LIFE SCOUT.  Scout Rank is by far the most common obstacle to advancement.  No matter what rank a Scout was when he was tapped, he is expected to be a Life Scout when he returns to camp.  Completion of these rank requirements should take place prior to arrival at camp.  If a Scout expects to complete these requirements during his week at camp, it is unlikely that he will advance to Warrior.  The Tribal Council makes very few exceptions to this requirement.
  • Construct a complete costume.  This is one area that, even if not completed prior to camp, can be completed at camp.  The Mic-O-Say staff is prepared to assist any Tribesman wishing to complete costuming during their stay at camp.  Many costuming supplies are available at little to no cost.  Getting started prior to camp is recommended.  Most Braves have resources available in their troop or district to get them started prior to camp.  Constructing a complete costume during your stay at camp can be time consuming, but it can be done, if you reserve two activity periods (in addition to dance practice) for this purpose.  The important thing to remember is, you can do it.  And if you need help, help is available. 

A complete Braves costume includes:

  • Lanyard and single claw
  • Headband with one feather
  • Face paint
  • Choker
  • Rattle
  • Solid colored gym shorts
  • Breech cloth
  • Knee Bells
  • Anklets or Apache leggings
  • Moccasins
  • Arm Bustles
  • Back Bustle


  • Be at least a Life Scout and make significant progress toward Eagle in the past year.
  • Earn Indian Lore Merit Badge
  • Complete costuming requirements.  A complete Warriors costume includes:
    • Complete Braves costume, as listed above, with the following additions:
    • Lanyard with Warrior claws
    • Add a second feather to headband
    • Beaded headband, beaded by the Warrior himself, from seed beads, minimum of one inch wide by six inches long. 
    • Neck Bustle. 
    • It is recommended that you complete the beaded headband and neck bustle prior to camp, however, materials and help are available in Mic-O-Say Lodge during your week at camp.  Please contact a member of the Mic-O-Say staff for assistance.


  • Be at least a Life Scout and make significant progress toward Eagle in the past year.
  • Complete costume requirements, as listed in the Red Book
  • Firebuilder assignments during your camping session may be time consuming.  It is recommended that you reserve one or two activity periods each day for this important task.  The success of all Mic-O-Say Ceremonies depends upon the dedicated effort of Firebuilders.  Specific instructions for your fire assignment are available in Mic-O-Say office.


  • Be an Eagle Scout.  Plan ahead, complete merit badges, complete project, complete the Eagle application.  Be an Eagle Scout.
  • Attend the Tom-Tom Beater’s Retreat on the morning of the Feast.  If you cannot attend this event, it is very important for you to contact the Directing Medicine Man to discuss the reason for your absence.
  • Be an Eagle Scout
  • Complete costume requirements, as listed in the Red Book
  • Be an Eagle Scout
  • Have you heard that it is important to be an Eagle Scout?  The Tribal Council makes very few exceptions to this requirement.


As experienced Tribesmen and leaders, there is little need to remind you of your Tribal responsibilities and requirements for advancement. 

As always, questions regarding advancement may be addressed to any member of the Tribal Council.