Tribal Council Nomination Process

Read this information carefully before you start preparing your nomination.

Any Tribesman of Mic-O-Say may complete a nomination for an individual he believes should be considered by the Council of Chieftains for membership on the Tribal Council as a Sachem, or for additional responsibility as Medicine Man.

Nominations may be submitted any time from February 1 through 11:59 p.m. on December 31st of that same year. Nominations submitted are for the following summer.

The nomination process is conducted only through the Mic-O-Say website. This electronic method replaces all prior methods. There is no other method for submitting an acceptable nomination other than using this process.

The Council of Chieftains reviews all properly submitted nominations.

To be considered properly submitted, a nomination must:

  1. Be completed using the tools on this website.
  2. Have every field completed.
  3. Have a photograph of the nominee attached.
  4. Be submitted prior to the deadline.

Paper nominations, handwritten letters, and nominations submitted through the Council Service Center will not be processed.

After submitting your nomination, a confirmation page will appear certifying that your nomination has been received. It is recommended that you print the confirmation page for your records.

A Tribesman may nominate an individual only once in a given year.

Nominations are confidential. You should not tell an individual that you have completed a nomination.

The decision reached by the Council of Chieftains regarding any nominee is final. Members of the Council of Chieftains do not reveal the results of their deliberations. Tribesmen learn the outcome of their nomination if and when an individual is called forth at Mic-O-Say ceremonies on Friday nights.

Select one of the following links to proceed with your nomination: