2013 Eagle Recognition Dinner Recap

April 10th, 2014

The Pony Express Council’s 2013 Eagle Recognition Dinner was held February 22 at Moila Shrine Temple in St. Joseph, Missouri. The purpose of the dinner was to honor those Scouts in the Pony Express Council who received their Eagle Scout Award in 2013. The dinner also honored long time Scouter Gary Combs as the 2013 Eagle Class Honoree.

The evening opened with a social hour as guests arrived to the second-floor banquet hall at the Moila Temple. The room was decorated with Eagle Scout memorabilia, and a projector listed the several sponsors who could not be in attendance for the evening. The 25 attending Eagle Scouts enjoyed conversations about their projects, anticipation for the evening in their honor, and a shared sentiment of relief and pride for their success and accomplishment.

As the 7 o’clock hour grew near, the Eagles, their guests, and attending sponsors found their seats as the show began. The dinner chairman, David Whitmer, called forth the colors, expressed the importance of becoming an Eagle Scout through an entertaining story of his own Eagle Dinner, and then said the two magic words, “Let’s Eat!”

After a filling buffet dinner, the new Eagle Scouts were introduced and honored individually by the Pony Express Council Scout Executive, Alan Franks. Franks gave the young men their new duties and responsibilities as Eagle Scouts, reminded them of the many people who helped them along their trail, and congratulated them one more time.

Next, was the moment to honor the 2013 Eagle Class Honoree, Gary Combs. Combs, a Medicine Man in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and Silver Beaver Recipient, has been involved in just about every level possible in the Pony Express Council for almost 40 years. His son, Kevin, spoke in his honor to the Eagles just before Gary gave his own inspiring words to the young men. Combs’ contributions to Scouting were well recognized with a standing ovation as he concluded his address to the audience.

Whitmer concluded the fantastic evening by presenting Combs with a plaque listing the 2013 Eagle Scouts of the Pony Express Council. The Eagles, Combs and Franks gathered together for a photo as the crowd was dismissed and many waited around to shake the hands of the new Eagles and the Eagle Honoree.

The 2013 Eagle Dinner was a great night. Thanks to all of the donating sponsors, the chairman David Whitmer, and the Special Events Committee for their roles in making this event a success.

Congratulations again to all 59 Eagle Scouts of the Pony Express Council in 2013 and to Gary Combs, the 2013 Eagle Honoree.