Make Talk Now Staff

Make Talk Now Staff

Executive Staff

Alex Zanatta - Sachem River Falls
Executive Producer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daniel Gerhardt - Sachem Little Ho Ke Ya Pe

Chris Thomas - Sachem Little Smoke Sky
Committee Manager

Cody Lehman - Sachem Little Stong Parchment
Chief of Video Productions

Ryan Hager - Sachem Night Eagle
Chief of Written Productions

Shawn Gentry - KSB Smaller Cool Breeze
Editor in Chief

Tyler Ernst - KSB Little Jumping Bear
Graphic Design Manager

Andrew Becker - KSB Little Silent Rider
Marketing Manager

Gene Schlegel - Hon Warrior First Rifle
Director of Photography

Video Production Staff

Daniel Hager - KSB Swift Firefly
Eric Walker - KSB Small Night Whippoorwill
Mark Langemach - KSB Least Night Sky
Sean Killin - KSB Straight Shot
Spencer Ernst - KSB Least Tiny Bear
Zach Schlegel - KSB Little First Rifle
Jaron Hendrix - Runner Angry Horse
Jordan Miller - Runner Least Swift Hunter
Reid Schmidling - Runner Northern Spirit
Spencer Rosenak - FB Little Distant Vision
Andrew Gerhardt - Warrior Least Ho Ke Ya Pe
Aaron Shockly - Hon Warrior Gaurded Gun

Writing Staff

Andrew Clark - KSB Least Mountain Eye
Austin Kerns - KSB Smallest Swift Roaring Silver Bird
Brandon Keller - KSB Strong Mustang
Carter Stolberg - KSB Merimack Trail
Colton Martin - KSB Swift Song
Connor McBratney - KSB Little Makes Peace
James Arcano - KSB WIld Animal
John Carr - KSB Little Sky Signal
Noah Bielby - KSB Little Speedy Fire
Brett Maupin - Runner Little Spirit Village
Nathaniel Curry - Runner Smaller Ivory Buttons
Nick Menard - Runner Falling River
Chris Crofoot - TTB Starry Trail
Ryan Soldanels - TTB Sees the Rain
Aaron Babel - FB Lone Flalcon
Ben Schmidling - Warrior Prairie Spirit
David Schmidling - Warrior Swift Spirit
Ecy Bullock Jr. - Warrior Little Found the Knife

Editing Staff

Charlie Pedersen - Sachem Battle Dream
Cody Boswell - Sachem Fleet Pony
Tom Myers - Runner Little Prairie Smoke

Graphics Staff

Bill Garmen - KSB Lightning Mask
Tom Clark - KSB Little Mountain Eye


If you're interested in joining the MTN Staff or you have a story to report to MTN please email Alex Zanatta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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