Monday, 06 February 2017 20:41

2017 British Contingency


The British contingent  will be arriving on July 14, 2017!

The contingent is made up of 12 young men and 2 young females and 3 adult leaders. Currently we are in need of host families for 8 young men and 1 young female. This group will be in our area from the 14 th of July to the 28.


The male guests will be attending camp for the 6th session at Camp Geiger July 16-22, while the female guest will be treated to some great summer activities by their host family, including visiting camp geiger for family night and taping ceremony.


Host families will be responsible for providing these visitors with an experience of a life time not only for them but for the host families as well as we blend our two cultures.


Host families taken on the following responsibilities

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Transportation to and from Camp Geiger
  • Room and board while not at camp
  • Blending the guest into you family, where they will go where you go, they will do what you do


If you are interested in hosting a British Scout this summer please contact Tom Bryon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 17:56

2013 Camping Season Recap

By James Arcano
KSB Wild Animal

With Pow Wow fresh in many Scouts’ minds, it is hard to believe the Camping Season for 2013 is over. This year at Camp Geiger there were close to 1800 Scouts and 600 leaders in attendance. Several Scouts completed merit badges in the brand new Trades area. The main focus of the Trades area was to expose the young men to potential career fields. Law and Public Speaking were moved to the new area with Veterinarian Medicine, Dentistry, Plumbing, and Bugling added in.

Geiger 60 had continual success with many records being broken. In addition to the organized competitions, there were several unorganized activities for the less competitive Scouts to participate in. The program will carry on into the 2014 Camping Season to give next year’s Scouts yet another chance to break the Camp-wide records.

Along with new records in the Geiger 60, there were record lows for temperatures this summer. “The weather was absolutely amazing. We had several very nice days which turned into beautiful nights for ceremonies,” says Tony Sasso, MM Talons Bare White Eagle, Camp Director.

The remodeling of the Flaming Crow Trading post was a big hit with Scouts and Staff members alike. Staff member, Noah Bielby, KSB Little Speedy Fire, stated, “I appreciated the expansion of the trading post. It cut down on some congestion and also allowed for more customers to enjoy the store. I believe next year and in years to come, the area will be used in a shopper’s best interest.”

Already working on next year, Program Director, Aaron Lewis, Sachem Little Silent Counter, said that, “While it is still very early in the planning process, Welding is for certain going to be added [next year], thanks to some equipment donations from National.” There have also been discussions of Radio being added in for the 2014 camping season. 2014 will also bring new improvements to Camp as the new Short Arrow Campsite will be completed.

To receive information about all the additions happening in the 2014 Camping Season and to apply for one of the greatest staffs in the nation, visit the council’s website,

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Sunday, 21 April 2013 00:08

2013 Camp Improvements

If you haven’t visited Camp Geiger this offseason, you may be in for a few surprises upon your arrival this summer. Good surprises, of course!

As usual, the Camp Facilities Committee has been very busy this fall, winter and spring adding multiple improvements at the Geiger Reservation. The two most notable additions are the complete renovation of the Short Arrow Campsite and the NEW Jumping Bear Museum.

In time for the 2013 camping season, the Short Arrow Campsite will be unlike any campsite ever before on the Geiger Reservation. To supplement the enormous renovations and improvements around camp over the last several years, the Facilities Committee has now shifted their focus to the campsites. With the Short Arrow Campsite as their pilot project, volunteers have worked this entire offseason on taking down tents and putting up tipi’s for campers to sleep in during their stay at Camp Geiger.

In addition to the new creative housing quarters in the campsite, the theme will continue with a “mineshaft” latrine facility. “Our goal is that every campsite will have a theme, flushing toilets and a shelter,” said Ken Baker, Chief Little Pack Rock about the future of the campsite renovations. Baker also serves as the Vice-President of the Facilities Committee.

A more noticeable change upon your walk through camp will be at the Trading Post area. Across from the current Trading Post building will be the New Jumping Bear Museum. The former breezeway between the two buildings has been closed in and expanded and the entire building has been totally renovated.

It is little known knowledge that the Museum project actually began decades ago with ideas coming from many volunteers both together and along separate avenues. The current project came to fruition over the last 12 months when a committee was formed, “and we finally just did it,” Baker said.

A very large thanks goes out to the dozens of volunteers that have spent countless hours on each of these and all camp improvement projects this off-season. Our camp would not be as spectacular as it is without so many people that give so generously of their time and resources.

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