Friday, 09 February 2018 08:21

Dr. Larry Albright Passes Away

Dr. Larry Albright, Medicine Man Little Animal Healer, was called home and returned to the Great Spirit on February 04, 2018.


Larry was tapped into the Inner Circle in 1956 as a Brave. In the late 50’s Larry served on the Camp Geiger Staff for around 4 years. In 1958, Larry received his Eagle Scout at a Wednesday night campfire that inspired many to keep on the Trail to Eagle. In his youth, Larry was a lifeguard at Hyde Pool and also worked at the pool at Camp. He advanced in Scout rank, showed leadership in his troop (Troop 22), and returned to Camp Geiger year after year, until he obtained his yellow paint as an exalted Keeper of the Sacred Bundle in 1961. In 1964, Larry was elevated to Sachem. By this time, Larry had graduated from Benton High School and started pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree from Northwest Missouri State University.


In 1969, Larry returned to the Geiger Reservation as the Outpost Director. Larry put together a program at Camp Geiger called the Johnny Fry Outpost. Named for the first rider of the Pony Express, Johnny Fry Outpost was an early version of the Scoutcraft program where Scouts worked earned requirements toward the Scout rank, Wilderness Survival, and other valuable life skills.  This program was designed to help spark the imagination of older campers. One aspect of this program that interested him was identifying trees. He and Papa Lloyd Schmitt often had friendly competitions to one-up each other with their knowledge of trees.


Also in 1969, Larry’s first year back at Camp from college, he noticed that something was missing from Thursday nights on the Geiger Reservation, the pre-Tapping Story Fire. After someone informed him that this Ceremony had not occurred for a few years, Larry and Schmitt set out to look for a spot that would be suitable for the fire. They discovered two locations that are still in use today, one being the current Story Fire location. This is just one example of Larry being one of the movers and shakers during the “Golden Age of Mic-O-Say”.


In 1970, Larry became Geiger’s Program Director under Rod Dixon. Also in this year, he was elevated to Medicine Man. Larry became the second person in the Tribe’s history to earn the ranks of Brave and Warrior and all of the paint stations of Firebuilder through Medicine Man. He was someone that young staff members and Tribesman alike looked up to because of his reputation, and because he was a young Medicine Man who had Hardway Claws.  


Larry was a student of history when it came to Mic-O-Say. He was enjoyable to be around. He was a jokester that could also have a serious side. He could make one laugh so hard that they could shoot their drink out of their nose. People wanted to be around Larry to see what he was going to say next, because something would “wow” people, making them want to hear more. He was a very courteous man who was always concerned about others’ well-being. Outside of Scouting, Larry was involved in Scottish Rite and Eastern Star. An intelligent individual, Larry completed his master's degree and PhD in Chemistry in 1969 at the University of Nebraska, and taught Chemistry on the collegiate level at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri.


Larry was a great man both in and out of Scouting and will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 11:15

2018 Conclave Registration


On Saturday, January 6, the 2018 Conclave will take place at Maryville High School in Maryville, Mo. The cost will be $25 if you pre-register online, but if you pay at the door it will be $30. If you have purchased a 2017-18 Mic-O-Pass, you will NOT need to pre-register. 


This year's Conclave will be "American Gladiator"-themed and will be a fun day for all! 


To view the schedule for the event, CLICK HERE


Tuesday, 11 July 2017 19:13

2017-2018 Mic-O-Pass Registration

Mic-O-Passes are back! When you buy a 2017-2018 Mic-O-Pass for the low price of $40, you are already pre-registered for the 2017 Pow-Wow, 2018 Conclave, and 2018 Tribal Feast! 


To register for a Mic-O-Pass, fill out the form below! Mic-O-Passes are also available for purchase at Mic-O-Say Lodge and the Flaming Crow Trading Post at Camp Geiger. 


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