By Chris Crofoot, TTB Starry Trail

Those spending time at our beloved Camp Geiger this past summer had the opportunity to visit an area that is important to our past, present, and future. The new Jumping Bear Museum, located on the north side of the Trading Post, was dedicated on June 1, 2013 at the annual Tribal Feast, and opened its doors to those in attendance that day to view the newly displayed items inside. Named in honor of the late Tim Ernst, MM Jumping Bear, the museum offers its visitors a glimpse into some of the history of our camp as well as our Tribe.

In addition to the historical items on display, which include various photos, artifacts, and costume pieces, the Jumping Bear Museum also offers technological resources for Scouts. Throughout the summer you could find young men using the museum’s iPads to work on various merit badges, including Citizenship in the Nation and Personal Management. Alex Zanatta, the museum curator had the following to say about the museum. “On average, we had approximately 200 kids per week use the iPads to complete requirements for their badges. Citizenship in the Nation would come in for the first 10 minutes and watch the news on the CNN and FOX news applications while scouts in Personal Management and First Class Trail would come in and watch a video for their requirements on the big-screen television. As for visitor’s night on Wednesday, we were open for an hour and a half and we were packed during that time. Kids would bring their parents in to check it out and we had a Kids’ Corner operating where young children could make necklaces out of beads.” When asked about the popularity of the museum, Zanatta stated, “One example was the traffic that we had, where people would want to come in and use the iPads to learn about history.”

The new Jumping Bear Museum proved to be a welcome addition to Camp Geiger this summer. While the results from this year were phenomenal, renovations are already planned for next year. The exhibits will be expanding and new ones will arrive to allow for more history to be displayed. This new area of Camp had great success, and many more years of it are sure to follow.

By Aaron Babel
Firebuilder Lone Falcon

The Inner Circle Trade Company, which has served the costuming needs of Mic-O-Say Tribesmen for the last 15 years, now has a permanent home on the Geiger Reservation.  Darrell Jones, Chieftain Short Fire, has owned and operated the company for the last several years, providing quality costume supplies for anyone from the newest Brave to the most seasoned Tribesman.  As of August 1, 2013 the Inner Circle Trade Company became a non-profit organization, meaning that it is no longer owned and operated by Chieftain Short Fire and family.  Now, when you buy costume supplies from the Inner Circle, all proceeds will go directly to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

The new location for the Inner Circle Trade Company will be at the south end of the Flaming Crow Trading Post.  The store will be open during the off-season at Camp, with hours to be announced at a later date.  Renovations are already taking place to double the current size of the Mic-O-Say room in the Trading Post.  In addition, there will be a “Tribesmen only” door for entrance into the store. 

As you are looking to complete your Mic-O-Say costume this off-season, keep in mind the new location of the Inner Circle Trade Company.  With a short drive to Camp Geiger or a visit to their website,, you can purchase quality costume supplies.  And now as you work on your costume, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not only helping yourself, but also the younger and weaker in the process.

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The Tribal Council has announced that each individual Tribesman will now be responsible for the outcome of his own advancement! 

Okay, it’s not REALLY a new policy.  It is the same policy by which we have always decided advancements.  But it is, nonetheless, just as true today as it has ever been.  Each Tribesman should know the requirements for his next advancement, and those requirements are to be completed PRIOR to arriving for his Summer camping session.

Here is a quick general checklist for Advancement 101:

  • Advance in Scout Rank (see individual ranks below for specific details)
  • Be active in your local Scouting Unit
  • Be a leader
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Construct a costume, complete with all items required for your rank or paint station

The good news is, well over 90% of Braves, Warriors, Firebuilders, and Tom-Tom Beaters that return to camp, DO advance.   They advance, because they each take on the personal responsibility to complete the requirements.  Does that sound a lot like advancement in Scout Rank?  Good, it should!

NEWS FLASH: The Tribal Council WANTS you to advance.  It is YOUR responsibility to complete all requirements.  There are many people willing to assist you.  Your Scoutmaster and other troop leaders, your parents, fellow scouts, fellow Tribesmen, the list goes on and on!

Below, are listed many of the common obstacles to advancement, specific to each rank and paint station.  A complete list of advancement requirements may be found in the Red Book.


  • BE A LIFE SCOUT.  Scout Rank is by far the most common obstacle to advancement.  No matter what rank a Scout was when he was tapped, he is expected to be a Life Scout when he returns to camp.  Completion of these rank requirements should take place prior to arrival at camp.  If a Scout expects to complete these requirements during his week at camp, it is unlikely that he will advance to Warrior.  The Tribal Council makes very few exceptions to this requirement.
  • Construct a complete costume.  This is one area that, even if not completed prior to camp, can be completed at camp.  The Mic-O-Say staff is prepared to assist any Tribesman wishing to complete costuming during their stay at camp.  Many costuming supplies are available at little to no cost.  Getting started prior to camp is recommended.  Most Braves have resources available in their troop or district to get them started prior to camp.  Constructing a complete costume during your stay at camp can be time consuming, but it can be done, if you reserve two activity periods (in addition to dance practice) for this purpose.  The important thing to remember is, you can do it.  And if you need help, help is available. 

A complete Braves costume includes:

  • Lanyard and single claw
  • Headband with one feather
  • Face paint
  • Choker
  • Rattle
  • Solid colored gym shorts
  • Breech cloth
  • Knee Bells
  • Anklets or Apache leggings
  • Moccasins
  • Arm Bustles
  • Back Bustle


  • Be at least a Life Scout and make significant progress toward Eagle in the past year.
  • Earn Indian Lore Merit Badge
  • Complete costuming requirements.  A complete Warriors costume includes:
    • Complete Braves costume, as listed above, with the following additions:
    • Lanyard with Warrior claws
    • Add a second feather to headband
    • Beaded headband, beaded by the Warrior himself, from seed beads, minimum of one inch wide by six inches long. 
    • Neck Bustle. 
    • It is recommended that you complete the beaded headband and neck bustle prior to camp, however, materials and help are available in Mic-O-Say Lodge during your week at camp.  Please contact a member of the Mic-O-Say staff for assistance.


  • Be at least a Life Scout and make significant progress toward Eagle in the past year.
  • Complete costume requirements, as listed in the Red Book
  • Firebuilder assignments during your camping session may be time consuming.  It is recommended that you reserve one or two activity periods each day for this important task.  The success of all Mic-O-Say Ceremonies depends upon the dedicated effort of Firebuilders.  Specific instructions for your fire assignment are available in Mic-O-Say office.


  • Be an Eagle Scout.  Plan ahead, complete merit badges, complete project, complete the Eagle application.  Be an Eagle Scout.
  • Attend the Tom-Tom Beater’s Retreat on the morning of the Feast.  If you cannot attend this event, it is very important for you to contact the Directing Medicine Man to discuss the reason for your absence.
  • Be an Eagle Scout
  • Complete costume requirements, as listed in the Red Book
  • Be an Eagle Scout
  • Have you heard that it is important to be an Eagle Scout?  The Tribal Council makes very few exceptions to this requirement.


As experienced Tribesmen and leaders, there is little need to remind you of your Tribal responsibilities and requirements for advancement. 

As always, questions regarding advancement may be addressed to any member of the Tribal Council.

Dave Thomas, Sachem Smoke Sky, took over the chairman position of the Special Events Committee earlier this spring. He takes the place of Mike Gerhardt, MM Ajita, who also currently serves as the summer camp Mic-O-Say Director.

Gerhardt served as the committee’s chairman for 4 years. “As the outgoing chairman, I am very pleased to have such an excellent replacement!” Said Gerhardt about the changing roles.

Thomas, who also serves as the Tribe’s Financial Director, is looking forward to sustaining and building upon the previous success of the committee.  “It’s going to be a challenge. Mike Gerhardt has set the bar extremely high,” were some of Thomas’s thoughts on the transition. View the full interview above for more of what Dave had to say about his new role.

Responsibilities of the Special Events Committee include organizing annual Tribal events such as the Pow-Wow, Conclave and Feast, as well as other events like the yearly Eagle Scout and Council Recognition Dinners.

For more information about how to play a role in planning and organizing these events through the Special Events Committee, stop in at the Mic-O-Say office this summer and inquire with the Mic-O-Say Staff.

The Second Annual Patrick L. Newman Scholarship Shoot was held Saturday, April 20 at the Geiger Shooting Complex. A total of 20 shooters participated while 6 others provided stand sponsorships. While the numbers are still being crunched, it’s estimated that this event will bring in over $1,000 for the scholarship.

Those who attended the event were treated to a great day of competition, fellowship, food and prizes. Bob Moore, MM Three Dogs said, “Any time you can get out to Camp Geiger is always a good day; any time you can come out and shoot with some good friends, it's even better.”

As this is the second year of holding this fundraiser, its popularity and attendance are still growing. The total 26 donors is an increase from the inaugural shoot held in 2012. The scholarship committee is already looking forward to an even greater turn out in 2014. Event Chairman, Mike Robertson said about the event, “We doubled the event in size from last year, and we’re looking to grow even further next year.”

This fundraiser supports the Patrick L. Newman Scholarship Fund, which has awarded a total of twenty $1,000 scholarships to Tribesmen since 2003. Dick Boehner, Chieftain Sees the Sun notes that, “The scholarship was created in honor of Patrick L. Newman, MM Wet Firesticks by his friends.  During his lifetime, Newman was an avid champion of the achievements possible through education and often imagined a Mic-O-Say scholarship to support younger Tribesmen in that effort.”

Along with the Shotgun Shoot held every spring, there is a golf fundraiser held every fall. Keep in touch with our calendar and upcoming events page throughout the summer for details about how to get involved with the annual golf fundraiser.

Click here for more information on how you can support or apply for the Patrick L. Newman Scholarship.

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Bob Moore, Medicine Man Three Dogs, set Tribal History in 2012-13 by bringing winning teams to BOTH of the Patrick L. Newman Scholarship Fundraisers this off-season. After winning the Golf Tournament in September of 2012, Moore took home both the individual and team honors at the recent Sporting Clay Shoot on April 20.

Moore is already hopeful to keep the streak alive by winning back-to-back Golf Tournaments this coming September. He has publicly called out any Tribesman or Non-Tribesman that thinks they can bring a better golf team, “we’re looking forward to hoisting the trophy again in September, and we’re honestly not too worried about the competition.”

With these fierce words being brought to the Tribe’s attention, the Golf Tournament is anticipated to fill up quickly as several teams will be ready to take on the challenge. The Golf Tournament will be held September 28 this year at the Mozingo Lake Golf Course in Maryville, MO. Stay tuned here at the Mic-O-Say website as more information and registration details become available throughout the summer.

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If you haven’t visited Camp Geiger this offseason, you may be in for a few surprises upon your arrival this summer. Good surprises, of course!

As usual, the Camp Facilities Committee has been very busy this fall, winter and spring adding multiple improvements at the Geiger Reservation. The two most notable additions are the complete renovation of the Short Arrow Campsite and the NEW Jumping Bear Museum.

In time for the 2013 camping season, the Short Arrow Campsite will be unlike any campsite ever before on the Geiger Reservation. To supplement the enormous renovations and improvements around camp over the last several years, the Facilities Committee has now shifted their focus to the campsites. With the Short Arrow Campsite as their pilot project, volunteers have worked this entire offseason on taking down tents and putting up tipi’s for campers to sleep in during their stay at Camp Geiger.

In addition to the new creative housing quarters in the campsite, the theme will continue with a “mineshaft” latrine facility. “Our goal is that every campsite will have a theme, flushing toilets and a shelter,” said Ken Baker, Chief Little Pack Rock about the future of the campsite renovations. Baker also serves as the Vice-President of the Facilities Committee.

A more noticeable change upon your walk through camp will be at the Trading Post area. Across from the current Trading Post building will be the New Jumping Bear Museum. The former breezeway between the two buildings has been closed in and expanded and the entire building has been totally renovated.

It is little known knowledge that the Museum project actually began decades ago with ideas coming from many volunteers both together and along separate avenues. The current project came to fruition over the last 12 months when a committee was formed, “and we finally just did it,” Baker said.

A very large thanks goes out to the dozens of volunteers that have spent countless hours on each of these and all camp improvement projects this off-season. Our camp would not be as spectacular as it is without so many people that give so generously of their time and resources.

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If you’re reading this, then you already know…

The Tribe of Mic-O-Say is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website on May 1, 2013. Anticipation and speculation both were running high for months as word was getting around that a new website was nearing completion. Now it’s here, and it truly is a giant leap forward in 21st Century media for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

The Tribe’s website URL remains, but the landscape, capabilities, and resources available through the new website are now greatly enhanced for both members of the Tribe as well as community members and other non-Tribesmen interested in Mic-O-Say and Scouting in the Pony Express Council.

A more sophisticated website has been the vision of many Tribal leaders for some time now. Rick Gerhardt, MM Ho Ke Ya Pe, states, “The new website is going to be great for the Tribe in a number of different ways both right now and far down the road.” Gerhardt, who currently serves as the Tribal Recorder and also spent time administering the previous website, played an instrumental role in getting the new website off the ground after it was developed by Green Tie Marketing, an award winning web design team based in Kansas City, MO.

You’ve spent enough time reading about the new website; now go check out all the fun new features! Be sure to stop by your Dance Team page as well as the upcoming events and news pages to stay in touch with all things Mic-O-Say as Summer Camp time is quickly approaching!

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If you plan on being at the 2013 Tribal Feast on June 1, then you're in for an extra treat. A special dedication ceremony will be held at the NEW Jumping Bear Museum right after dinner.

The new museum has been in the works this entire off-season, and it's ready to be showcased this summer as a spectacular addition to Camp Geiger. The Jumping Bear Museum will be found directly across the building from the Flaming Crow Trading Post where the Commissionor's office was previously located.

At the dedication ceremony, Tribesmen will have the opportunity to get a brief sneak peak at the inside of the museum before the Chieftain Ceremony begins later in the night. While the sneak peak will be great and only availble for those at the Feast, everyone is encouraged to make sure and visit the museum duing your session at Camp to get an opportunity to really see all the memorable artifacts and learn a little more about the history of Scouting and Mic-O-Say in the Pony Express Council.

By: Brandon Keller
KSB Little Strong Mustang

The weekend of August 2-4 brought one of the largest crowds ever of 481 Tribesmen to the Geiger Reservation to partake in this year’s Pow-Wow “Redneck Games.” The event kicked off on Friday night with a Pow-Wow, a great chance for all of the Tribesmen in attendance to shake the dust out of their costumes and work out all of the kinks in their dancing abilities before the competitions took place on Saturday night. Friday night was capped off with a wonderful cracker barrel provided by our cook staff.

The Saturday festivities kicked off bright and early with a hearty country breakfast of biscuits and gravy and hash browns served in the Dining Hall. The morning was filled with the meetings of dance teams, rank and paint stations and special groups, such as Make Talk Now. An all-you-can-eat lunch was served, which included hot dogs, hamburgers, freshly-fried French fries and fresh pork rinds. Everyone enjoyed the meal, and many were going back for seconds, thirds and even fourths. Following the meal, everyone headed over to the Council Ring for the opening of the 2013 Redneck Games! After Co-Chairmen Cody Lehman (Sachem Little Strong Parchment) and Bill Harkendorff (Sachem Rain Fox) shared the rules for the day, all Tribesmen were split into groups and sent on their way to start the games. Games that could be found around were lawn mower racing, where Tribesmen would have to help a blindfolded group member steer the riding lawn mower they pushed through an obstacle course. They also partook in redneck bowling and redneck horseshoes, as well as many entertaining casino other games!

At the end of the games, all Tribesmen assembled met in the Council Ring to watch the top two teams from the games battle it out in a head-to-head eating contest. Tribesmen in the contest had to eat everything from an apple pie, to chili cheese dogs, to a plate of jalapenos. Following the contest, Tribesmen were greeted with some free time, as the 2013-2014 Warriors’ Council had their first official meeting of the year. Dinner that evening was a delicious meal of BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls and homemade cheesecake. That night, Tribesmen adorned themselves in their regalia and headed to the Running Horse Council Ring for the costume and dance competitions. The night also included multiple Pow-Wows, and ended with a big bang as fireworks rained over the camp at the conclusion of the program.

All Tribesmen had a great time, and a big thanks goes out to the many people that gave forth a multitude of hours of preparation to plan and get ready for this fantastic event! 

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