A Short History of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say

By Richard Boehner, Chieftain Sees The Sun

The current home of the original Tribe of Mic-O-Say is the 250 acres of Camp Geiger, two miles northwest of St. Joseph, Missouri. Mic-O-Say has thrived and provided leadership in that location since the camp’s founding in 1935.

But Mic-O-Say and Camp Geiger share a heritage which began in a different century. Dr. Charles Geiger, who would donate the land that became our beloved Reservation, was born during the national mourning period for Abraham Lincoln, buried a short distance away from Geiger’s birthplace in Champagne County Illinois. By 1882, the Geigers were living on farm property near St. Joseph, Missouri, and the sixteen-year-old Charles were exploring the land which he would one day give to us at Camp Geiger.

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H. Roe Bartle & Finley F. Fiske




Bartle Comes to St. Joseph


Mic-O-Say Begins


Time of Transition


Major Restructuring


A New Camp


Finley Fiske Arrives


The Era of Swift Spear & Swimming Rock


Mic-O-Say Continues


The Pack Rock Years


A New Era Walks Tall